High Performance Ultrasonic Transducers
for the NDT industry.

Whether you are doing flaw detection, weld inspection, or thickness gauging,
we can deliver the tools you need to get the job done. Our CORE business is
ultrasonic transducers, but we guarantee to never lose focus of our customers.

Core NDT has over 15 years experience manufacturing a wide array of ultrasonic transducers and accessories. We take great pride in manufacturing our standard line of probes as well as the thousands of custom transducers we have built over the years. You can be sure that we will work hard to provide a high quality product and experience.

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 We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing a transducer manufacturer, that’s why we will never deviate from our CORE values:

Construct a high quality
cost-effective transducer

On-time delivery keeps
your job on schedule

Responsible manufacturing

1 Year Warranty


With a passion for exceeding our customer’s’ expectations, we strive to offer a high quality product at a great value.
We have a standard line of ultrasonic transducers including:

Contact transducers are generally handheld units that are placed in direct contact with the surface being inspected. Their design fits nicely in the hand and requires a coupling material be used to remove the air gap between the transducer and surface being inspected. Contact transducers have a very hard alumina-oxide wear plate to protect the transducer element from damage while moving over the surface. These transducers are often used for flaw detection and thickness gauging.

Angle Beam.
Angle Beam transducers are used in conjunction with a wedge to introduce sound into the test material as a refracted shear wave. The angled sound beam can be used to detect flaws in or around welded areas and have been shown extremely effective in weld inspection. The Angle Beam transducer is attached to the wedge to create refracted shear waves at 45, 60 or 70 degrees. Other angles are possible, however, these are the most common.

Immersion Transducers are completely waterproof as they are meant to operate in an underwater environment. Typically, immersion probes will be used to focus the sound beam into a small area, therefore allowing for the detection of smaller flaws with greater accuracy. Immersion transducers can have a flat face allowing them to focus at their natural yo+, or a spherical or cylindrical focus depending on the application. There are many variations of immersion transducers available, including paintbrush transducers, which are designed to scan large areas.

Protective Face.
Protective Face Transducers are longitudinal wave contact transducers that allow the versatility of a wear cap, delay line or just a simple protective membrane. They are useful in thickness gauging and straight beam flaw detection in a variety of materials.

Cables and Accessories.
A wide array of NDT cables, wedges, adapters and accessories are available. We manufacture these in house to ensure you receive a superior product.


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